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Are you a class association looking for a new builder for your class? Do you have a dream or a concept that you’re looking to get built? With over 60 years of boat building experience in wooden and composite construction we can consult, design and build boats up to a length of 24m. Every project is different, but we can guide you through each step of the way from foiling racing dinghy’s to workboats.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea.

Composite Projects

We offer design and build services for any composite project you can think of, from commercial applications to industrial moulds.

Design and Production History

Our team have an extensive range of experience in both design and production of race winning boats, including but not limited to:

- Production of the RS Range - 200, 300, 500, 700 and 800 Classes
- Design prototyping of the RS800 New deck shape and build of over 50 boats
- K1  prototype, tooling and production of over 50 boats
- Production of 4  Scorpions of which 2 were National champion winning
- Renovation and production of National Championship winning Thames A Raters - Carina, Ulva and Adventurer
- Merlin Restoration
- Production of the Artemis 20
- Production of the RS900 Olympic Ladies trial boat
- Design prototyping, tooling and production of the Mini port electric ships
- Production of the PUNK singlehanded Prototype - Now the 'D Zero'
- Production of 2 World championship winning B14s
- Design and production of the Flying Mantis 2018 Dinghy of the Year

Other composite projects our team have been involved in include:

- Production of the worlds largest superyacht mast for Sailing Yacht A
- Production of the Black Pearl superyacht dyno rigs
- Design prototyping of the F14 Horizon stand up paddleboard
- Production of Americas Cup aero fairs and wing mast components
- Production of components for Imoca 60's
- Production of sub-sea oil sensors
- Production and consultation of Kite Surfing foils for the Olympic trials.

Contact Us

We appreciate every project is different and need to meet different requirements. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project and we will be happy to help.